The evolutionary fuel EVOX is in Moldova

New opportunities for your car are now available due to innovative technologies and human ingenuity.

EVOX is power

EVOX was developed to increase the cetane and octane numbers, which contribute to the complete combustion of fuel and accelerated functioning of the engine, hence, boosting its power.

EVOX is fuel economy

A consistent refueling with EVOX leads to a reduction of fuel consumption by up to 6%. Put otherwise, while your car’s mileage is increasing, fuel consumption is decreasing.

The data was scientifically proved after testing EVOX for fuel economy in real conditions in 2017 during six months in Hungary. The test was conducted on 9 different automobile brands (e.g., Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan, Skoda, Renault, etc.).

EVOX is the care of your car

EVOX cleans up the engine and fuel injectors of old dregs and makes sure to keep them clean in future.

Moreover, EVOX fuel has a significant protective anticorrosive effect by reducing the corrosion activity of the base fuel.

Millions of active EVOX molecules start fighting dregs from the very first refueling.



EVOX is comfort

EVOX ensures your car with a quick start, a smooth ride and a safe driving.

EVOX is technology of future today

By using EVOX, car emissions are reduced to a minimum and, therefore, you contribute to an eco-friendly environment.


As a result of careful research, we offer you the most modern fuel available on the market, accessible the form of EVOX 95 and EVOX diesel, the main advantages of which are:

  • Increased engine power;
  • Reduced fuel consumption;
  • Clean fuel injectors;
  • Prevention of adhesion of engine valves at low temperatures;
  • Lowered rate of corrosion;
  • Improved handling of the car;
  • Minimized car emissions.


Discover the exclusiveness of a new generation of fuel.

Your car and nature will be grateful for your choice!

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